Home Health Therapy

A number of conditions which require hospitalization can now be treated at home, where patients feel more comfortable. This at-home treatment is called Home Health Therapy, which helps patients heal faster. We Contract with home health to provide continuity of care in the transition from the hospital to the home. Our Home Health agencies are Medicare certified and provide for Medicare. We also accept and file private insurances. At ARC our professional team includes registered dietitians, medical social workers, physical, speech, and occupational therapists. We develop specialized plans of care by taking a total-patient approach. These plans of care are appropriated for each of our patients’ specific needs. The goal of the plans is to reduce recovery time and optimize independence.

What To Expect from Home Rehabilitation

1. A therapist will call to schedule your first visit.

2. During the first visit our therapist will seek Information from you and your family members for your family’s medical history, your previous functional level, medications, goals, and expectations followed by a physical assessment. The assessment may include:

  • Range of Motion: Your ability to use your limbs at all joints.
  • Strength: Will test for strength at all joint.
  • Bed Mobility Which include rolling, getting in and out of bed.
  • Gait: Ability to walk safely.
  • ADL: Ability to do your self-care activities which includes but not limited to bathing, using the telephone, preparing meals, and eating.
  • Sensory Issues: Ability to See, hear, speak, and how well you react with your senses.
  • Balance: Will test to check the balance deficits in sitting and standing.
  • Cognitive issues: Think, remember, and plan.
  • Cardio- Pulmonary: Will test how well you heart, lungs, and muscles tolerate physical activity.
3. The therapist will review everything with you to discuss your goals and establish a plan of care and schedule your visit with your input.

4. The therapists will prepare a report, which includes your goals, and treatment plans. A copy of this report will then be sent to your Physician for his/her approval.

5. The therapist(s) will come to your home regularly to work with you on your treatment plan. They will communicate regularly with everyone who is responsible of taking care of you. You will then be assigned home exercise program.

6. Once recovered, you will be discharged for therapy services and will probably be referred to an outpatient rehabilitation clinic if needed. If you no longer need rehabilitation, you will be discharged with home exercise program to maintain your level of function.