Long Term Care - Therapy

Angelina Rehabilitation Centrer’s Long Term Care Division serves skilled nursing facilities by providing and managing physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Our methods are appropriated to provide rehabilitative care to both the short-stay and long-term care resident in the facility. Services in this setting meet the requirements of patients within a wide range of conditions that include neurological, orthopedic, and other conditions common to the geriatric patient. ARC manages rehab programs within skilled nursing facilites. Our innovative systems and tools, skillful management and clinical expertise have created rehabilitation programs of distinction for our clients.

Our promise:

Personal Attention

Our therapists are quality professionals dedicated to provide the best care. We provide personal care service to our clients with no corporate hassles. We take care of the facility at their premises so all questions and concerns are taken care of without any corporate bureaucracy.

Program Dependability

Our ability to serve you on site means lower risks for you through accurate and timely billing. ARC delivers progressive clinical programs, which effectively manage census. We take responsibilities in record keeping and accurate client billing.

ARC provides a dedicated staff to meet your facility program. Our dedicated therapists will develop individualized therapy programs based on the needs our your residents. We also offer specialty programs, which address many issues like Alzheimer’s disease and restorative nursing to maintain the level of function of your residents.